Birthday Wishes…

I turned 48 this month, and left on Sept 22nd for the journey of a lifetime.

What I want to give you are the tools I use, and you can use, to accomplish near ANYTHING you want in the next 100 days or less!

The picture to the right is me in my birthday suit... my Team Canada Uniform I wore to compete at WKU Worlds in Orlando from Sept 23-30th.​

Competing on a World scale, in a sport that involves punching and kicking (and getting punched and kicked by) some very tough competitors from around the not an easy thing!​


...I'm ready

...I'm focused

...and I'm determined!

Getting to this phase in my life and my business is not an easy thing, but it is highly enjoyable and (the real key) duplicatable by ANYONE who wants it bad enough.​

For 15 years now, I've helped hundreds of business owners, entrepreneurs, and sales people make more money in their business.  I've also written thousands of articles, created dozens of products, and indirectly helped many thousands of others boost their cash flow.

But there's one BIG problem that many people are faced with...​


Imagine if I switched martial arts every second week - like many business owners switch marketing focus. I'd never get good at any one style - and I'd NEVER be competing against the best of the best in Orlando.​

Which is EXACTLY why the Kick Ass 100 Club is being created!

I am going to help you get focused, and get results like you want. When you started 2016, you had big dreams and aspirations - right?  

The next 100 days can completely transform your life!

It's time to get serious and make some BIG stuff happen...

It's time to get in shape and kick some ass in your business, your health, and your life.

The Kick Ass 100 Club is a membership-based community of like-minded people that are sick of the status quo, and want CHANGE.

People that are focused on massive action and stepping FARRRR outside of their comfort zones.​

This is a BRAND NEW PROGRAM for go-getters and it goes live next week at regular price.​


(this is an on-going 100 day push to get you kicking more ass, taking more names, and making more money!

You will start on day 1 once you sign up, no matter what day you start!)

For 100 days, you and I are going to train, spar, strategize and test our skills.  

You and I are going to work together and push, push, push until your goals, income, and health gets in the shape you wanted it when you started this year.

* Daily drills that hone your skills for making money, building email lists, and having the best end-of-year you've ever had...

* Daily trainings to push you further than you've ever been pushed...

* Video walkthroughs of simple strategies that work NOW for generating leads online...

* My favourite health and fitness drills for getting maximum performance out of your self, without even needing a gym or equipment...

* Your own customized 100 day action plan...

* Webinars or tele-calls to get advanced tips, hear what's working, and discover true success stories from fellow ass-kickers...

* Special reports, gifts, and products you can use to up your game (and even some you can use to sell to others)...

* Plus a whole bunch of surprise guest trainers, tools, and ass-kicking, money-getting, list-building bonuses!

I really LOVE your Kick Ass 100 program....!!    Just the tool and mentor I needed to GET MY ACT TOGETHER and focus on the most important things in my business and my health.

Kevin Murphy
Fellow Ass-Kicker and Member


Join the community and let's kick some ass together!

Starting TODAY, and continuing on for 100 days, you and I are getting focused and getting serious about massive results in minimum time.  You will be given access to the Kick Ass 100 Club Membership community starting immediately. 

I am offering access to the Kick Ass 100 Club for $100 ($1 a day -  less than a small coffee!)


Grab this special $1 a day special through Paypal...​

This is a one-time charge of $100, and you will gain access to the community for life.  


Not only can you take part in THIS 100 day focused freight train of get access to all future 100 day runs!